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World Tube Company



World Tube Company is

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For help please visit the Antique Radio forum which is a site for collectors and restorers of vintage and collectible radios,

stereos, televisions, and speakers.

On-line forums, resources, and chat, supported by a dedicated and experienced membership.

01 - Name = Darryl Brown 02 - Email Address = [email protected] 03 - Phone Number (optional) = 702-415-3186 04 - Your Message = HI, My mom and dad have a very unique curtis mathes TV combo. My parents purchase this TV combo in Anchorage Alaska, in 1964. the info. I got from my parents is that only 7 of these TV combos was made from curtis mathes. I believe my parents have the only one left on this planet. I posted the pictures of this "UNIQUE" curtis mathes TV combo on my page on facebook. CALL ME!! (smile) Message ID: 66022316

Check out the nice cosole with extra speakers below, she is awesome

HI Darryl, Thank you for your email, I asked to be your on face-book and look forward to seeing your photos. Hope you have an awesome Monday! Sounds like you go a real Curtis Mathes treasure, hold on to it  It could be worth a great deal of money in the near future. I cannot wait to see your pictures of her. Please join the site as a member if you like to, it is free  and we would love to have you as a member. Take care, Glenn and Family.

It is always good to hear from our site viewers!

01 - Name = Sharon Brawley 02 - Email Address = [email protected] 03 - Phone Number (optional) = (909) 825-6368 04 - Your Message = Hi. My name is Sharon Brawley, and I live with my sister in California. Our mother recently passed away, and we have been left with a very nice Curtis Mathes console stereo from, we're pretty sure, the late 50's or early 60's. It has been kept in the garage for years, but it still looks in good shape. We are wondering what to do with it. If we decide to sell it, what would the going price for this piece be? Would one of your members possibly be interested in buying it? Any help and advice on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance, Sharon Brawley Message ID: 60822428

Please keep the questions coming; love to help out!

01 - Name = Brock 02 - Email Address = [email protected] 03 - Phone Number (optional) = 04 - Your Message = I have a console stereo that has a turntable and a 8 track player from curtis mathes and I was just wondering around about what it is work. It is in really good condition. Message ID: 60262451

Sometimes I forget to post the questions and answers I get so caught up in the repairs<LOL>

Hi Tim, I would work with the pure 99% or 97% alcohol to clean the dirt off. Not rubbing alcohol but the very strong pure stuff. This will help remove the dirt and dry out any moisture on the metal or wires etc. Contact the “Antique Radio Forum” cabinet restoration section if you have a wood restoration question they are awesome. They can also help you with tube replacement etc. Just see from which of their different forums topics seems the best to place your question under. These men are retired radio and television men and have years of experience and helpful answers under their belt. The pure strong alcohol should help remove the grime off your stereo components that are covered in decades of dust and grime. I usually use Q-tips and other soft clothe to get at hard places to reach. I remove my tubes and clean each one individually remembering to replace them correctly back when finished with each section. Sometimes the numbers and lettering will come off during a cleaning so keep notes of what the tube number was and the manufacture in case you have to replace that tube at a later date. Try to find new insulation for the FM antenna wire insulation if possible if the old is beyond help. Orange oil wood cleaner is somewhat safe on the inside of the console and really helps clean and protect the wood around the metal parts inside. The Orange oil is also low moisture and less harmful to wires and vacuum tubes etc. Please send some photos of you console even if it is not a Curtis Mathes console when you have time. We would love to have you as a member of our site. Please join if you like it is totally free. Take care, and so happy you saved another treasure from destruction. Glenn and Family.

Thanks to all our viewers for their questions.

01 - Name = Tim Harden 02 - Email Address = [email protected] 04 - Your Message = I am restoring a 1960's Stereo cabinet. I am new at this and need some advice. The cabinet is in great condition but the stereo components are covered in decades of dust and grime. What is the best way to clean the metal bits inside? The tubes have some blackening inside but still light up. The original speakers make great sound but are also dirty. Most of the wiring insulation has a tacky substance on them and the FM antenna wire insulation is crumbling. I know this is alot to read but I want this American beauty to shine again. Thanks in advance, Tim Harden Message ID: 60477952

It is such a joy to help someone out with a CM repair problem.

04 - Your Message = Great site! I am the original owner of the model shown in the second pix down on the home page. I've been trying to find a schematic and/or service manual for it as I need to do a repair. Can't seem to locate the model number. The sticker on the back, on the chassis and inside the cabinet give no model number, just the chassis number: C85-1. An extensive internet search turned up nothing on the Sam's site, or anywhere else for that matter. Review of a few discussion forums pointed me to your web site. Sounds like you may be able to help. Any insight as to where I may be able to locate a schemtic and/or a service manual? Thanks! Message ID: 57141901

It is wonderful to help our friends.

Hi Charles Pomy, The model with my son Grantley standing next to her? That is a great model to have. she is also one of the most perplexing one when it comes to finding a nice schematic and/or service manual for her. I do have some paper work on her somewhere I will try to unearth what I do have. Tragically when Curtis Mathes went Bankrupted in the early 1990’s the records department trashed a treasure-house of schematics and service manuals. I remember working on the Design team on this model and that she was a very popular model in the show rooms in the mid 1980’s. I do have a earlier schematic from one of her earlier sisters, CMC-82, see the attachments. I believe their layout is very similar. Try posting her on the Antique Radio Forum under their Television section. There are a number of retired repair men on that site. Explain the problem you are having with the console and what information you have, someone might have the schematic. I will in the meantime start digging in my storage sheds and see what paperwork I have on that awesome console. I know I did have a service manual on her with some letters from Burke Mathes. Hopefully I can unearth them. Thank you for your email. Send some photos of you Console if you like and I will post them. PS EBay also from time to time has a nice selection of manuals on many of the 1980’s models.

What wonderful questions thank everyone!

Glenn - Wow, thank you very much! That is 'above and beyond' and I much appreciate your efforts. I'll snap some photos of the set the next time I get down to the house and send them your way. You are right about the set being a sweet unit. I bought it brand new from a C-M dealer in Chula Vista, CA. It has been running perfectly ever since until about three weeks ago. I had done some research earlier and I ran across a site that seemed to have schematics, though it didn't relate them to particular models. Unfortunately, I failed to bookmark the site and I've spent the last few days going through Google searches trying to relocate the site. I take your advice regarding the Antique Radio Forum and do some eBay searches also. I'm sure it is a relatively easy fix (vertical is compressed and folded over from the top), I just need to have the schematic so I can figure out where in the vertical circuit some component has gone south. Thanks again, Chuck

The joy of saving the past for future generations to enjoy.

The two photos above are of a Curtis Mathes KA250 amplifier. This is David Soderstrom's wonderful amplifier, he would like to find her a good home. If you like this amplifier and would like to buy her please contact David at his email address: [email protected]

04 - Your Message = hello, i recently was given a curtis mathes console. it is the kind with the color tv, phongraph, and stereo/8track. the receipt from 1973 was still with it from the original purchase. what is something like this currently worth? i don't have any needles for the phonograph and i can't get the 8track to work either. any advice on what to do with it to sell it or make it work etc. thanks Message ID: 56873371

It is aways fun to help out a friend with a problem.Hi Adriana Pinyan, The market is very bad right now for consoles what with the world depression. I would hang on to the Curtis Mathes. Can you send me some photos of your CM. I would love to post them on the site. Your 8 track more than likely only needs a belt. You can get a needle for your turntable on eBay from Needle Doctor or one of the other sellers. 8 track belts can also be found on eBay. If your television still works I think you have a good console to keep. Space is the only problem with most Curtis Mathes consoles they were Texas big. But you can decorate a room around the console and it will look very retro. To a collector the console could be worth $600.00. But with so many consoles going into land fields the value of you console will increase over time. Within ten years you could see a huge price increases as the retro trend makes it fashionable to have vintage televisions in your living space. Take for example the old RCA record players from the 1900’s they are now worth several thousand dollars to collectors. I seen Sparton Blue Bird Radios from the 1930’s fetch over thirty thousand dollars! I hope this helps. Glenn Waters.

It is wonderful to help our friends.

04 - Your Message = I am looking for a price for a 1987 Curtis Mathes color T.V. with a 8 track, record player, and radio. It is a custom made special order T.V. The Serial number is 05671777. Can you please contact me as soon as possible... Message ID: 57082829

The beauty of helping others.

From: Waters, Glenn E Sent: Saturday, August 21, 2010 2:25 PM To: [email protected] Subject: 1987 Curtis Mathes color console television with a 8 track, record player, and radio Hi Malcolm Thomas, Sadly it is a buyers market today what with the economy so bad. Some collectors would pay up to $600.00 for a 1987 Curtis Mathes color console television with a 8 track, record player, and radio; especially a custom made special order Curtis Mathes Console. If everything is working and she is in MINT condition you have a nice product. On the other side of the coin I also have found MINT Curtis Mathes Consoles from the same period at recycling centers heading for the compactors. You can also be amazed to see Curtis Mathes console is sitting in thrift stores for twenty dollars. I hope this helps, if the console is your I would hold on to it until the economy gets better. Many folks have retro rooms in the more affluent neighborhoods and will be paying top dollar in the future for a 1987 CM console like the one you described. If you can send some photos of your Curtis Mathes I would love to post them on the site. I hope this has helped, Glenn Waters

The early days

From speakers and turntables and more help for our friends with

consoles and tube questions.

Where to find help with your speakers.

Hi John,

I have found many speakers over the years on EBay for my Curtis Mathes consoles. Just keep checking for them under the listing of Curtis Mathes or Curtis Mathis.

Sounds like you might need to hunt up a Sam's Fact sheet on you model. These can also be found on EBay. Just have your Model number ready. Some of these information bookets are online as well on some models.

You can get a lot of great help at the "Antique Radio Forum" as well. They love to help out folks. Just ask for directions under the stereo section of the site. The Antique Radio Forum has a lot of retired men as members that once worked on Curtis Mathes products so they can walk you through any repair project. Please seen a photo of your consolefor the site if you can, and join as a member if you like to it is free.

Hope you have a great Holiday,

Glenn and Family.

01 - Name = John 02 - Email Address = [email protected] 03 - Phone Number (optional) = 04 - Your Message = i have a curtis mathes consoul stereo . the 8.25 inch speakers need replaced but dont know the wattage and some of the rca cables too . Message ID: 67322728

Keep Finding help for speaker repairs.

Hi Dick, The best place to get expert help with needle replacement is the “Antique Radio Forum”, they are expert at giving you a step by step instruction on needle replacement. Also the Needle Doctor on EBay is a great person to contact for replacing a needle. If you could send me some photos of your needle and the turntable arm I could also help. Curtis Mathes changed their turntable model designs every year almost. The model Chassis #30 should require a very steady hand and a little pressure to replace the needle correctly, but you are wise to seek an expert. These towing arms are very delectate and are very easy to damage. Thank you for your question, and please join the site as a member, it is free and we would love to have you! If you can send any photos of your console for the site that would be awesome. I hope this helps, Glenn and Family.

The quest to keep the turntables in mint condition.

01 - Name = Dick Fleischman 02 - Email Address = [email protected] 03 - Phone Number (optional) = 04 - Your Message = I have a very, very old Curtis Mathes Hi-Fi AM-FM Stereophonic Radio-Phono Combinatiom Chassis #30. One of my grandsons somehow took the needle out of the record player arm. I can't seem to get it back in, so could you give me some instuctions, and pictures, as how to get the needle back in the arm. Thanks!

The beauty of the past saved for future generations to enjoy.

Hi George, The best place to hunt for a awesome radio tech/engineer is the “Antique Radio Forum” this Forum is made up of expert radio men. Many have great knowledge in tube technology. At the Forum you have the men that repair all kinds of radio equipment and even some that help to make some of the marvels we have today. There are some really good research and development men that are members of this forum. Many are up in years however. Just post your quest and hopefully you will get a number of good responses. Sounds like you have a great project you are working on. Hope you have a therapeutic Tuesday and thank you for your question. Please join the CM site if you like as a member it is free! Glenn and Family.

The wonderful world of the past joins the future.

01 - Name = George 02 - Email Address = [email protected] 03 - Phone Number (optional) = 702 420 0086 04 - Your Message = Glenn: I am working with a small team who have already developed and built a very effective analog RIFE-type machine. Are you familiar with that technology, developed by Royal Rife and others (Abrams/ Tesla/ etc)? We are looking for a radio tech/engineer in our area that can help us develop a unit that uses plasma tubes as the transmitting method, rather that hand cylinders and footplates which touch the body (and put a micro-current into the body). The reasons are: no hassles from FDA, and less risk of electrical spikes affecting an animal hooked up to the device, and increased harmonics with radio waves (as Rife originally used). We have many of his journals and lab notes. This device will be tested by veterinarians on specific animal diseases, and thereafter marketed for such purposes. Because it will not touch the body, and no medical claims are made, it will be safe (legally) to post test results and advertise success, whereas if marketed for human use it would not. We have seen such technology work with cancer, infections, pain, stimulation of the white blood cells, lyme spirochetes, etc. If you know of anyone who might have knowledge of radio tub technology in the SF Bay Area, please let me know. regards, George Saffas, Mgr Cooper Integrated Services LLC cell: 702 420 0086

The very awesome thing folks are working on.

Dear Barbara, Yes, please keep your 1975-76 Curtis Mathes Cabinet Color TV with radio and 8 track and turn table in the top of it. These units will one day be quite valuable. Perhaps within the next ten years you will see the value start to grow very quickly. We no longer make televisions in the USA. Much like to very pricey tombstone radios from the 1930's this Curtis Mathes Color TV will be quite the item to have to the future generations. Not only for sentimental reasons but because they were hand made here by real Americans back when we took pride in what we made as an nation. So many of these wonderful TV's have been destroyed and thrown away in land fields by thoughtless folks they are becoming quite rare and hard to find. Please join the site as a member if you like, it is free! If you can send some photos of your TV for the site that would be wonderful. Thank you for you email, Glenn and Family.

Saving the past one console at a time.

Hi Josh, If at all possible I would keep the console television as complete as possible; would it be feasible to place the new LED flat screen on top of your old CM console. I know this is called the Curtis Mathes syndrome by folks who will not part with their Curtis Mathes; but it is smart to do this now days. Your 1981 Curtis Mathes console will start to become very hard to find in just a few years. Just look at what a Sparton Radio from the 1930's brings today. The old RCA and Zenith black and white televisions from the late 1940's and early 1950's are fetching a princely sum these days as well, but only the ones that are complete and have their original parts from the factory. Just try to find an all original tombstone radio that is all original and complete from the 1930's for under a few hundred dollars. If you want to keep the antique value of your vintage and soon to be a collectors item Color CM console I would try to keep her the way she left the factory in Athens Texas in 1981. A Ronald Reagan era made in the USA Curtis Mathes TV would be something your grandchildren will fight over in your last will and testimony, fifty years from now. Just see if your wife is willing to hold on to your console the way it was made until it becomes a vintage heirloom, in a about ten years; these quickly disappearing pieces of American manufacturing past will be as treasured as the families Revolutionary War of 1776 flint loaded musket over the fireplace to future generations. We do not make TV's anymore in the USA. They will soon be as valuable as any other vintage electronic devise people now fight over at auctions'. I hope this helps, Glenn and Family, PS please join the site as a member if you like, it is free. And if possible please sent some photos of you console so I can post them in our photo section.

Keeping those Consoles safe for future generations to marvel at!

01 - Name = josh compton 02 - Email Address = [email protected] 03 - Phone Number (optional) = 623-293-6438 04 - Your Message = I accidently deleted a question from Travis on my guestbook could you help me retrieve it so I can email Travis. Thank you Glenn Waters Glenn, I have a 1981 Curtis Mathes console that I bought along with a bedroom set for 100 dollars. I have owned this since 1991. The TV still has a great picture. The sound started to go on and off until I shut off the slide switch on the back. A friend of mine who worked on these said that the slide switch is probably bad and needs to be replaced. The reason that I found your website is that my wife loves the wood console but I wanted the the new LED TV. The compromise is / was going to remove the crt and 'guts' and install the LED in the console. I have all the details worked out. My only question, is this a bad idea since this is a vintage TV? My new TV comes in the morning. I had no idea that so many people have such a vested interest in this brand of TV. I anxiously await what you have to say. Thanks in advance for your expertise in this area. Respectfully, Josh Compton Message ID: 69204223 --------------- End of Form ---------------

More help for our friends; the wonderful world of CM products.

Hi Marilyn, I would love to see some photos of your Westinghouse Stereo  Yes there was a good deal of design work done for Westinghouse by the Curtis Mathes Company during the 1960’s and 1970’s so more than likely your console was designed and the cabinet was built at one of the plants in Texas. Please join the site as a member if you like it is free. I look forward to seeing you photos so I can tell you more about your stereo, And yes there is a market for these priceless gems. But with the economy so bad I would hold on to her until things hopefully get better. Thank you again, Glenn and Family.

01 - Name = Marilyn Martin 02 - Email Address = [email protected] 03 - Phone Number (optional) = 04 - Your Message = I have a Westinghouse Stereo from 1969. I believe that Curtis Mathis designed some for Westinghouse and am wondering if mine may be one of them. It is in a Danish modern style. It still works. Plays 78's, 45's, and LPs. (The record on the player is "The Village people) Would you be interested in seeing photos? Is there a market for these old stereos? I am downsizing and have to get rid of it. Thanks Marilyn
Hi Robert, If you could send me a photo and console for the site that would be awesome. You can also send the serial # 365081 ...model # 5629 and a photo to Needle Doctor on EBay and he can fix you up real fast. He can mail your needle to you in no time! There are many folks selling these diamond stylus on EBay that can hook you up really fast. Please join the site as a memeber if you like it is free! Happy Holiday, Glenn and Family.
01 - Name = robert hardee 02 - Email Address = [email protected] 03 - Phone Number (optional) = 901-644-7158 04 - Your Message = I was wondering if you could tell me about the Daimond Stylus (Curtis Mathes) console i bought at an estate sale. It is in perfect condition but does need phono needle. serial # 365081 model # 5629 Thank you very much Robert Message ID: 67846555
Thank you Rayelenn, I would love to have some photos of your fan for the site. The Mathes Fan Company was the parent company of Curtis Mathes. I have seen some sites about Mathes Fans, but you are correct, I should start to build a gallery on this site for the Mathes Fan Company just so the site will be more complete. Without the Mathes Fan Company there would have been no Curtis Mathes Company. In the early days the Curtis Mathes Plants at Athens, Dallas, and Houston were cooled by huge Mathes Fans in a manner similar to what your mother did. But the cooling towers were made of wood and water was dripped down on the wooden sides of the towers from which the fans would pull the water cooled air into the plants. Your mother was a wise person to do this because it really does work very nicely in hot summer days. I will start to do some research and see if there are some good Fan sites with a larger selection of Mathes Fans. Thank you for sharing. I will be sure to add an larger section about the Mathes Fan Company so the site will be more complete of the whole history of the company. Please join the site as a member, and thank you for sharing your childhood memories with me. I will start to correct this glaring oversight today! Thank you again, Glenn and Family.
01 - Name = Rayelenn Sparks Casey 02 - Email Address = [email protected] 03 - Phone Number (optional) = 04 - Your Message = Hi I have just acquired my family's Mathes Cooler fan, which we had from my earliest childhood recollections. I would have loved to have found a portion of your site dedicated to the history of Mathes Cooler fans. Did I miss something? Only a brief reference to the fans in the course of explaining how the company claimed to be sixty years old when it "started" -- as a television manufacturer. Where can people like me who have a lifelong adoration of this fan get more information about its history and manufacture? When I was a child, my mother used to buy a bale of hay and tie it somehow to the fan which she stood in the window backwards, sucking air in from the outside. She used to go out and pour buckets of water on the bale of hay, and run the fan backwards to get some cooler air into the sultry hot rooms at night. Pre-air-conditioning. Have you heard of this? My Mathes Cooler now has "pride of place" on display in my living room. Please tell me how I can learn more about the history of this fan. Thanks so much Rayelenn Sparks Casey Lancaster PA Message ID: 66690438
Hi Duane, If you could send me a photo and console for the site that would be awesome. You can also send the serial # and ...model # and a photo to Needle Doctor on EBay and he can fix you up real fast. He can mail your replacement stylus to you in no time! There are many folks selling replacement stylus on EBay that can hook you up really fast. I hope this helps please let me know if they are unable to help and I will check into some other areas. Please join the site as a member if you like it is free! Happy Holiday, Glenn and Family.
01 - Name = DUANE RYDER 02 - Email Address = [email protected] 03 - Phone Number (optional) = 04 - Your Message = Hello, I have a 1966 CM console stereo with a BSR turntable. I have been unable to locate a replacement stylus. Typical BSR replacements do not fit in the cartridge. The cartridge is original, the unit has been in our family since new. any help would be appreciated, Your website is the pics. Thanks, Duane Message ID: 67851071

Needing a new home.

Here is Barbara Townsend Super Audio 72, we need to help find a new owner for Barbara's wonderful Console. This console is in Washington State and the State of Washington once had a huge Curtis Mathes warehouse in Olympia and this CM warehouse was the main shipping center for the companies North West showroom back in the 1960's.

 You can contact Amy or Barbara at:

[email protected]

[email protected]