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The Official Vintage Curtis Mathes site by Glenn Waters

Curtis Mathes, Vintage Electronics, Televisions, Stereos, Radios, VCR”s, Camcorders, Mathes Coolers and Fans, Made in the USA. Design


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7:54 PM on June 23, 2013

i have a model #C646 serial #1282105. I am wondering how old this unit is. It has an 8 track, record player-Garrard 620S, AM/FM radio & Color tv. The unit is a full console. Thank youu for any help.

John M. Pierret

10:00 PM on June 13, 2013

I purchased my Curtis Mathis "Stack" in the cabinet ( KS650, KK535, KQ720, KA250, KT330 & KP430) in 1983 in Council Bluffs, IA. It has traveled with my to Phoenix, Tuscon, Albquerque, Denver and now home to Lennox, SD. Still worked great until 3 weeks ago when we got a bad electrical storm. It couldn't take that high charge and blew out the power supply in the KA250 amp. Took it in to get it repaired only to find the this special power supply in no longer available. So npw I am faced with a bunch of decisions. Do I replace only the amp with a "foreign" or maybe find another KA250 somewhere in this world or cut my losses and scrap the whole idea as my grandson says and get an Ipod. I really don't like any of my options very well. I saw one a couple on ebay - one for parts (amp won't power up!!) and another for $110. (Take a chance that it will work?) I think I need a drink!!


9:11 AM on May 11, 2013

Hello, Nice site many intresting information


1:03 PM on March 29, 2013

I'm a disc-jockey in Chicago on The Drive, 97.1FM. I do a feature Monday through Friday we call, "One 45 @ 1:45. It is what the title suggests, I play an actual 45 on our Techniques turntable in the air studio at 1:45. Yesterday I played "Happy Together" by The Turtles on the White Whale label. It was No. 1 in the country on this date in 1967. To set it up, I waxed nostalgic about how I played this acutal copy on my parent's Curtis Mathes stereo console hundreds of times. After the feature was over, I received an e-mail from a listener who shared his Curtis Mathes story about how he has possession of his parent's Curtis Mathes console. It got me to thinking about Curtis Mathes and that's how I found your fantasic website! I was kind of hoping to find a picture of my parent's model, but didn't see it. My best memory has it at 1961. It looks much like "The Viking" model, but it had only 1 show curtain door with speakers on either side. The turntable slid out and there was storage underneath for albums. The radio controls were above the turntable. It was a beautiful, sleek piece of furntiture and NOTHING sounded better than that CM! Thanks so much for this site! Bob Stroud

Kat Woodrow

2:52 PM on March 26, 2013

My in-laws have an upright Curtis Mathis 1962 LP record AM/FM tuner. Model No. 44M124/seriel no. 542407. Pecan...beautiful cabinet. The record player/ tuner are not working and we would like to see about possibly getting it much did these go for in 1962 ? We were going to throw it out and I started looking into how beautiful the wood really was and then found the information on the back and I can't part with it now.


4:38 PM on January 23, 2013

Thank you Glenn for your prompt attention today. I really appreciate the information you provided regarding my 1961 Provincial. I've loved this unit my whole life; grew up listening to my children's records, Christmas records, and later my 70's rock n roll. I have my parents collection of 78's and would like to get her tuned up so I can play the records. It's comforting to know that this company is still thriving in the modern world. Thanks again, Donna


11:26 AM on January 16, 2013

Glenn - Thanks for keeping this information alive and available to future generations. When one sees the quality that went into CM products it redefines the standard for today's entertainment units. I own The Fisher Metropolitan console from 1967 and love it! I have my eye on a CM upright console stereo/turntable unit. Haven't seen one of these previously - its a model 40M757. Do you know this model? Regards - CARNICK

Jerry Murdock

6:45 PM on December 31, 2012

Nice site, Glenn- it brings back lots of memories. I graduated high school in '59 and soon went to work at the Curtis Mathes plant on Young Street in Dallas. I worked there for several months before I went into the Coast Guard & remember a few interesting things about the plant. Among others, there was a difference in potential between the conveyor carrying the chassis and ground - so that you needed to make sure you weren't grounded when you lifted a chassis from the conveyor. If you weren't careful you would get a buzz every time. I think my supervisor's name was Joe Chaznoff, but one of the Mathes family would come by sometimes (I seem to remember "Bud") After I went in the Coast Guard, I bought a Curtis Mathes stereo Console (the Burgundy), which I used during the time I was stationed & then left with my mother in late 1962. My brothers mostly used it until they both left home & it went slowly downhill until it needed a complete overhaul by the time I retired from the CG in 1980. Sadly, except for a "purist hobbyist", it is just not cost effective to restore 1960's audio equipment. I think I still have the turntable, but I don't even know where the receiver-amplifier might be. The cabinet is still beautiful (I believe it is cherry wood) and I am using it now as a stand for my Sharp Aquos HDTV and storage.

Stephen Ewbank

11:34 AM on December 26, 2012

I remember going over to grandmother's house in the early sixties. She had a Mathes hifi (similar to the 32MS) with a stack of early sixties 45RPM rock records. We wore the records out! I remember the deep bass on "Walk Right Back" by the Everlys. I have no idea where the player went, but it had a distinctive sound.

DC Fan

12:15 AM on November 26, 2012

My Grandmaw has a roll on the floor stereo 8 track record player she has had since the late 70s. We don't know much about it. Is there anybody out there that might be able to help us find out more information. My email address is [email protected] Please feel free to contact me. I have tried getting help from Curtis Mathis no reply. :-(

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