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The Official Vintage Curtis Mathes site by Glenn Waters

Curtis Mathes, Vintage Electronics, Televisions, Stereos, Radios, VCR”s, Camcorders, Mathes Coolers and Fans, Made in the USA. Design

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Curtis Mathes Stereo's

This is a beautiful vintage Curtis Mathes Solid Walnut Console Stereo with Turntable / Record Player from the late 1960s. It is in wonderful working condition and the sound quality is amazing!

As you know Curtis Mathes stereos from this era are top quality, comparable with Fisher, Scott, and Marantz. There are plugs in the back to connect additional speakers and a specific knob to allow internal or external speakers to be played.

You can run wires to outdoor speakers and will able to play the stereo indoor, outdoor, or both with the touch of a button.

It measures 86 1/2" wide x 20 1/4" deep x 28 1/2" high, with wonderful hand made in Texas speakers.

That give this stereo a rich deep and warm sound, that only a golden era Curtis Mathes Stereo can produce.

There is also a place to plug in a television or tape deck.

The three photos below are of Curtis Mathes model "The Viking" Teak AM/FM, Phono, Tambour Doors, a true classic.

This is a beautiful piece of "Made in the USA" history! Curtis Mathes Model # 3226 AV manufactured in 1968 from their "Viking" line. High quality workmanship is evident in this teak Danish Modern style cabinet.

Awesome Curtis Mathes sound system with AM/FM and phonograph consisting of all of the original knobs and parts. Practical tambour doors open and close with ease and conceal electronics and extra storage space. Measurements: 5' L x 17"D x 30.75"H

Up until the late 1980s C&M was a exclusive hi end US electronics MFG with a awesome line of stereos.

The four photos below are of Deana Hilliard’s custom made Kinston, possibly a one of a kind prototype from the Austin Plant,

With an handmade cabinet, and a remarkable redesign front chassis. a Television probably once filled the hole in the bookcase.

This unit definitely has components from the Austin Factory that was destroyed in the great Mathes fire that a large number of prototypes were destroyed.

This makes her very valuable to collectors.

The two photos below are of Kevin Streussnig wonderful Curtis Mathes Stereo from the mid to late 1960’s. This was Kevin’s Mother’s Curtis Mathes Stereo

with an 8 track player and turntable.

She appears to have many solid state components which would make her manufacture

date after 1967.

Here is Korey’s wonderful Curtis Mathes Texas size Stereo….

It is 109 inches long, has the AM/FM receiver with the 6E5/6U5 tuning eye, has a reel-to-reel tape recorder.

The receiver is an all-tube chassis,

Korey is really impressed that it picks up so many stations with only its built-in antenna.

It uses one 6BQ5 output tube per channel in single ended configuration.

She truly is a 1960’s awesome built beauty.

With really great handmade in Texas speakers....

The photo below is of Tiffany Ruettgers beautiful Curtis Mathes Console from 1969; the model name is the Gregory. Nelson and Happy Rockefeller owned nine of Gregory models back in early 1970’s, one for each of their nine homes… That is why some many Doctors, Lawyers and Indian Chiefs bought Curtis Mathes Consoles as well…

Below is a wonderful Mid-Century Curtis Mathes Compact Stereo

This is a awesome Mid Century Curtis Mathes tube stereo compact size only 48" wide . AM FM stereo with a fully automatic 4 speed turntable that uses a Sonotone cartridge and stylus. This unit sounds great it has a total of 6 speakers, two 12" woofers two mid-range speakers and two tweeters.

The approximate dimensions are 48" wide 30" high and 16" deep . The receiver section has the magic eye tube for tuning in stations.There is a slide out drawer that houses the turntable ,also has a area for records.

They don't make them like this anymore, anywhere. Both front and side speakers on this model.

A true American made in Texas classic.

The two photos below are of Kristy's Curtis Mathes stereo from the very early 1980's or late 1970's. Kristy is in the process of restoring this remarkable little stereo one of the last true American Classics made in Texas.

She has a turntable, 8 track player, and a Curtis Mathes FM AM radio..

The two photos below are of a 1960's Curtis Mathes Early American Design Stereo with a nice AM FM radio and turntable.

The turntable has been replace with an tuntable from the late 1980's.

Below is a beautiful designed 1961 Curtis Mathes Stereo

model # 2714-DV The Lexington High Fidelity Stereo with AM/FM Radio. She has true high fidelity performance with clean modern styling in mahogany and genuine hardwoods.

The three photos below are of Ron and BarbTucker's beautiful Curtis Mathes Stereo, She is very nice, with a great turntable, 8 track player and an awesome FM / AM radio.

A very nice Early American design with classic lines.

She has great woodwork and trim.

The four photos below are of Ann Kabaklian’s Beautiful Curtis Mathes High Fidelity Combination AM/FM Radio, stereo and turntable. She is a Hi-Fi Stereo; Model No.6330B; Serial No.425124.

She is in a very beautiful well made French Design..

The Turntable and radio with the green eye tuner are very nice.

And check out all the wonderful storage for records.

The four photos below are of W. Bradley Tully's wonderful stereo..

This unit is 50w x 27h x 17d, and appears to be a narrower aspect ratio version of the SA72, with more rectangular speakers and a differently configured equipment bay.

This unit has a lot of the design features of some of the missing prototypes from the Austin, Texas, Curtis Mathes plant fire.

A very few of these wonderful designed stereos made it to the Curtis Mathes Showrooms across the country before the tragic fire that destroyed the CM plant in Austin. These units are some of the most remarkable finds for collectors.

Bradley will have more photos for us as soon as he receives the wonderful unit from the shipper

The three photos below are of Gary Boyer’s beautiful Curtis Mathes model 4229 CB #235594

The photo above show her wonderful radio and turntable.

She has very nice woodwork and clean lines.

The five photos below are of a wonderful stereo belonging to Keith Pickett, she is the model called "The Super Audio 72" model number 5527MX, designed 1961 for the Christmas production: a beautiful Curtis Mathes AM / FM turntable console.

She is very nice with a great BSR turntable, and an awesome FM - AM stereo radio...

They just knew how to make great turntables at Curtis Mathes in Texas back in the 1960's...this turntable is actually a BSR...!

We are so glad Keith saved this beauty...

She has a great chassis as well....

The three photos below are of a vintage Curtis Mathes Stereo / hi-fi console era about 1968. The model # is 3226 AC serial # is 123444.

The three photos below are of a 1961 Curtis Mathes,

High-Fidelity Music Center, The Royal Dane Model

The two photos below are of a Curtis Mathes Stereo with turntabale and radio;

the Model number is 2714B

She is very well made with no waste of space in her design.

The photos below are of a modern Danish~Mission with a bit of art deco style front access warm tube sound console, can be used as a LCD TV table. It is the average console size, supported by 6" legs.

It features a large 6 speaker setup, 12" woofers 8" mids 4" highs, it could make a awesome center channel with your large LCD TV, because it has RCA inputs....

What really sets this one apart are the show curtain wood doors, these are individual pieces of real wood, not the cheap way achieved in some more recent version furniture.

This is a true made in Texas beauty.

The radio and turntable are true works of art.

The turntable needs a new needle.

The woodwork and hardware in this model is superb.

Custom orders never upset the Company, what you want the way you want it was a company motto at Curtis Mathes.

If you like blue or Aqua, well we could do that as well as Oak or Mahogany.

Not happy with your old turntable Curtis Mathes would update your console with the latest model.

The photo below is a 1970 Curtis Mathes console Stereo system.

This is a 1970 Curtis Mathes console Stereo system with great components and is extremely nice, and at this time a one of a kind. This awesome set is made of solid oak wood at the Curtis Mathes Plant in Athens Texas, and is in excellent working condition.

What a great made in Texas treasure, made by folkes who love music.

The very best AM & FM radio, and a top of the line Garrard Turntable.