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The Official Vintage Curtis Mathes site by Glenn Waters

Curtis Mathes, Vintage Electronics, Televisions, Stereos, Radios, VCR”s, Camcorders, Mathes Coolers and Fans, Made in the USA. Design

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Do not do this to your Curtis Mathes Console.

Do not do this to your Curtis Mathes Console. Never gut or trash an American classic. These machines are no longer being made on this world. To trash a console that is in good working order is a crime against Humanity.

As you can see from the before photo below this unit did not need to be broken down. It was also a good working console. It was sold on E bay in pieces. Some seller think they can get more from an older stereo that way. But it destroys the value of the unit and a piece of American history as well.

A Beautiful Curtis Mathes Made in Texas Deluxe High End Model, who put it in a barn?

It needs to be in a living room, hope the moisture has not damaged this masterpiece of American made technically.

Hopefully someone will save her.This is a bad environment for a vintage American made solid state console to be left in ....

Burke Mathes has one like it, and he paid $3,600.00 for his, and it is working today as good as the day it was made in Athens Texas ...

Thank you Michelle Lup for sharing your wonderful photos with us. We are grateful that this Texas made masterpiece from America's golden past is being rescued, and will soon be in a good home again.

These parts came out of Provincial console early 1960s model.

People do this to sell the parts, and turn the beautiful cabinet into a quilt holder ore something.

These parts are in good working condition. To me it is rather sad to see a model cannibalized this way.

The stereo radio and turntable are in wonderful shape ... Everything works. The only thing missing is one, of the labels on the turn table.

It is rather sad to see this done to a beautiful piece of American history and a masterpiece of art.

The hand made speakers, and the made in Texas chassis are all there, stripped from their Provincial console cabinet ...

I guess if you need some parts for a model you are restoring this is a wonderful way to find what you are needing ...

But still it make me sad to see a model stripped down like this. Even the vacuum tubes are removed for a easy sell.

They just do not make these beauties anymore, they are masterpieces of American technology and know-how.

So if you have one keep her intact and watch her grow in value over the coming year and don't turn her into a storage unit for blankets. Let her continue to play sweet music as she was made to do, and be a joy to everyone.