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The Official Vintage Curtis Mathes site by Glenn Waters

Curtis Mathes, Vintage Electronics, Televisions, Stereos, Radios, VCR”s, Camcorders, Mathes Coolers and Fans, Made in the USA. Design

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Curtis Mathes Color Televisions.

Curtis Mathes Color Console Television. Made May 1987, Curtis Mathes Television model B2610RC. It has a very nice CRT, and has been a daily player for almost 26 years. I know that RCA and JVC sometimes made Curtis Mathes CRT’s for the company after 1980. But .. WOW this model had a Hitachi A66ABU30X Picture Tube, and sadly no longer in stock and they sold for $506.07 back when they did have them.. That is simply amazing this is first I knew of this, and I worked in the cabinet design department for Curtis Mathes back in the stone age. I knew they were always having to scramble to get CRT’s. I will have to add Hitachi to the list of known suppliers back in the 1980’s of Curtis Mathes Picture Tubes.

The company headquarters back then was at Curtis Mathes, 1411 Greenway Drive, Irving, Texas 75038-2410. It is now Curtis Mathes Realty. This model had a Type C88-2 picture tube, and the picture type replacement would be a A66ABU35X picture tube.

I believe the cabinet was manufactured in Texas at Athens, and she was assembled in Athens Texas as well. She even has the world famous Curtis Mathes Vacation Switch on the back on the cabinet. I remember working on the design of the cabinet of this model and we in that department never knew the picture tube was a Hitachi, that is how good they kept secrets back then. The Chassis on this set is a C88-2. This set was Run 01, which was the first one of this group at the television manufacturing plant. Watts: 125, Hertz: 60, and Volts: 120. Below is a photo of inside her Chassis.

She is a remarkable television, with at great color picture tube, and was one of the last well-made American made TV’s. Below is photo of her playing Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

Here is more about the vacation switch on this model. The vacation switch was one of those Curtis Mathes gimmicks to try to keep the upscale market, you turn it on or off depending on if you are going to be home or not for an extend period of time. Many rich CM Customer had vacation homes, and when you left your Summer home, or Winter home you set your vacation switch on the TV on or off according to if you are gone or staying. This would protect the TV from power surges from storms, and also many thief’s would think the TV was dead, and not steal it because the TV will not work until the switch is turn back own. It is much like a light switch on the back of the TV. Tragically many good CM Televisions from this era were and still are destroyed because at thrift stores they never check the back of the TV to reset the switch, and think it is a dead TV.

The design team at Curtis Mathes was always at the drawing boards creating more beautiful consoles and amazing electronics.

Below is an Ad design layout for a Curtis Mathes model called the Brookshire,

made in 1971.

Curtis Mathes model the Brookshire, made in 1971, AD from the Design Department, the Curtis Mathes line of television entertainment center. The Brookshire was 62 inches long by 28 1/2 inches high.

This model comes with a 23 inch diagonal viewing area screen that is complemented by automatic fine tuning She comes with two hand made in Texas 12 inch woofers, and two exponential horn speakers that reproduce outstanding sound for TV, AM-FM stereo models. The wood surfaces are hardwood and Walnut veneer.

Here are some photos of John Phillips grandparents Curtis Mathes color console TV

that they bought around 1967 or 1968.

Model number cm217305 with a serial number of 572380. There was also another model number covered up partially by a sticker with the above mentioned cm number. That model # was 53MO33 OR 53MO22.

This is a great find, and a wonderful model to save.

Needless to say she might be the last of her model and design left, which would make her priceless, and a true treasure to hold onto. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos, and history of this great televisions. She is a keeper Mr. John.

The four photos below show the inside of of John Phillips awesome 1967 - 1968 Curtis Mathes Color Console she is a wonderful early Hybrid of vacuum tubes and circuit boards made 1967 or 1968.

They really know how to make good products back in the golden age, just look at the details that went into this Curtis Mathes chassis

Needless to say they did a lot of design work and cutting edge research on this

Curtis Mathes Color model.

With the anything you can do I can do better logo in mind.

The two photos below are of Evan Woolstenhulme's beautiful 1980 Curtis Mathes Color Television. This is a wonderful well made 19 inch model that was manufactured Nov. 1980.

Evan has done a great job of keep this model in mint condition over the years. He even still has the orginal remote. She has the classic wood grain finish.

She is the Curtis Mathes Model # G381R Manufactured Feb. 1984. This was a very well made CM Portable Color Television and a best seller at the showrooms back in her day.

The two photos below are of one the nicest models I got to work on at Curtis Mathes in the design department. A very nice deluxe Color Curtis Mathes television with nice wood trim. One of the fine examples of CM Design.

I love the return of the classic Curtis Mathes hidden doors that we put on this model, such a classic from the 1980's

The two photos below are of Ashley Garcia beautiful Curtis Mathes Color console it was manufactured in 1988 and the model is C2772RD.

This wonderful Curtis Mathes was made in the USA in Texas, the lattice speaker grill and the renaissance lines give this made in America beauty classis lines and she is finished in a nice pecan. I help design this cabinet back in 1988 she was a great console and in few years will be quite valuable. She had all the latest hookups for the late 1980's era and ahead of her time is state on the art technology. Just look at her back panel.

The two photos below are of Kenneth Hunt's wonderful Color Console, Model number FC2512MP with a nice Curtis Mathes Chassis CTC157H. Made with pride in Athens, Texas. One of the last all made in Texas Color Consoles By Curtis Mathes.

She is very well made, and one of the last great models to come down the assembly line in Texas.

The three photos below are of a Curtis Mathis console model number A2574RD, Manufactured in 1987, this was one of my best cabinet designs. I find this model in the strangest places, and working as well as the day she was made, a true Curtis Mathes classic color televison and three in one.

She had a record player, FM/AM radio, and 8 track player on top and a wonderful color television.

I still find this model working in some of the strangest places, folks say she is the television that will not die..:)

Hopefully one day people will realize the Curtis Mathes they put out in the Garage is much better than the cheap made in Asia plastic TV they put in their living room.

Below is Grantley below with one of my favorite designs from the 1980's, I was very proud of this model.

I I remember working on the cabinet Design of this beauty, she was a Curtis Mathes Color console made November 1986, Serial Number: 05639656, Model Number: A2668RL , 180 Watts/ 120 Volts/ 60 Hertz…Later Zenith made almost a total clone of my design…!

I was very pleased with how the woodwork turned out in this very clean design.

She had great control panels and speakers as well...

Speakers are both on the right and the left side, which gave a very rich sound to this console.

Below is a wonderful Color Console Made by Curtis Mathes in the late1970's, she has wonderful speakers. the original console below was first designed in the late 1970’s, around 1978, she was redesigned two more times in the 1980’s and the cabinet and speakers remained the same except for some small charges in the control. The chassis however did receive some major design changes. This model below belonged to a retired school teacher I believe it was a prototype one of the first of its series in 1978.

The photo below is of Charles Pomy very nice Curtis Mathes Color Console the model

number is: H2503ME

Here in the photo below is Sherwin Miller's wonderful Curtis Mathes G386R and originally cost $749.95 when purchased on July 21, 1984 (what amounts to 27 years old). The serial number is 4790641.

The two photos below are of a Curtis Mathes Color Console Television made August 1988, at Curtis Mathes Corporation, One Curtis Mathes Parkway, Athens, Texas 75751. The Model Style Colonial Jacksonian. U/L Listed 72H7 video product.

This model has one of the best made in the USA RCA chassis installed in a nice Early Ameican design with great wood trim.

One of the last made in Texas Curtis Mathes console Televisions is show in the two photos below:

It was an end or a era when we lost all our factoies to Asia.

The photo below and above show the beauty, workmanship and design that went into Josh and Holly's beautiful 1981 Curtis Mathes Color console. From her hand rubbed finish to the wonderful wood work and trim she is a true American classic. She is Model number # G528R and is the very first to come down the assembly line in Texas, "Run-01", that is amazing to have the first television of an model run. Burke Mathes told me that this model has the webbed underpinning and console bumper guard that I won a design award for designing. Needless to say I was extremely proud to know that something I had designed went into this awesome console. Great job saving her Josh and Holly.