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The Official Vintage Curtis Mathes site by Glenn Waters

Curtis Mathes, Vintage Electronics, Televisions, Stereos, Radios, VCR”s, Camcorders, Mathes Coolers and Fans, Made in the USA. Design

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Curtis Mathes three in one consoles and rectangle units. "Combos"

Below is a one of a kind Curtis Mathes TV/Stereo Cabinet with side speakers, Radio and Record player are in perfect condition, Don Draper would like this for Betty :)

What a beauty, they just do not make them like that anymore...

The three photos below are of a 1960 Curtis Mathes Television, AM / FM Radio-Stereo turntable combination. This is a rectangle Curtis Mathes console much like the Model E1423 the Eton.

The photo below shows the inside of the chassis

The Video below is of the inside of this later Eton model Curtis Mathes

The three photos below are of Paige Rodriguez beautiful Curtis Mathes three in one Console, one of the very first models from the early 1960’s. Comes with a Waters Conley Phonograph and has all the wonderful bells and whistles of that wonderful era of well-made consoles.

Paige is trying to find this beautiful model a good home. If you would like to buy her please contact Paige at her email address below : [email protected]

This wonderful model comes with a very nice Waters Conley turntable which were in many of the early Curtis Mathes models.

This High Fidelity Phonography model 656 was made by the Waters Conley Company of Rochester Minnesota.

Douglas Jaynes shares his memories of the these models….” I delivered these 3 in 1 as you call them back in the 70's. The real name for them was combo. They were a great stereo and television. Heavy boy were they heavy. I enjoyed looking at them though. It was good back in the 70's for me. I also went to Athens, Texas to pick up a shipment of combo's. Sad to see what has happened now to Curtis Mathes.”

Thank you Douglas, we would all agree on this, it is a tragedy what happened to our once great electronics industry here in the United States.

The photo above and the three photos below are of a vintage 1969 Curtis Mathes Three-in-One Console

This Vintage Curtis Mathes Three-in-One Console, featuring a working AM/FM radio, a functioning turntable (though you'll have to be a little savvy to fix the automatic mechanical arm, which periodically picks back up off the record) that can play at three speeds,

two built-in speakers that work at set volumes (though they crackle when you move between volumes), and a vintage TV (not the original) that fits inside and behind the wooden sliding doors.

The furniture itself is in good condition. The left and right sides of the console hinge up to reveal the record player and radio, and the front has two panels that slide open to reveal a TV, but when they're down, and closed, you'd have no idea any electronics were in there. Bought in 1969, this is a true vintage item. The console is 70' long x 29' tall x 23' deep.

1969 ORIGINAL Print Ad CURTIS MATHES TV the Gregory $849.95 with true automatic tint control and automatic color.

This is a great three in one find below. A real American Classic made in Texas.

Here is a wonderful Curtis Mathes Spanish style console that was purchased in Toronto, Ontario back in the late 1960's or very early 1970's. It is in excellent condition, however, the original colour tube tv was replaced in approximately 1980 when it was damaged during a move.

The owner indicates that some tubes were shattered and were no longer available. As a result, RCA put a new colour tv into the console. It is the owner's understanding that it was originally purchased on Danforth Avenue in Toronto and that only 10 of this model were made. This console is an all wood hand rubbed Spanish cabinet made in Texas by Curtis Mathes.

The space age controls are from a deluxe RCA package installment from RCA's top of the line consoles for 1967 this are very nice for that era.

This wonderful unit has the beauty of a mid-1960's Spanish style Curtis Mathes handmade deluxe cabinet with the state of the art RCA radio and color television from 1967.

The turntable is also a deluxe RCA package installment for RCA's top of the line consoles for 1967

The three photos below are of Jack Braswell's beautiful mid-1970's Curtis Mathes three in one console.

She has a very nice turntable and awesome speakers.

The craftmanship is wonderful.

This model was a very nice design as well....

Curtis Mathes three in one consoles and rectangle units. The photos below are of a beautiful Curtis Mathes console with a reel to reel, television, turntable and radio.

The photo belwo show her with all her doors closed.

The photo belwo shows made in Athen's Texas TV.

 The photo below shows the very nice radio control panel. The green eye tuner is in the middle.

The turntable is right below the radio section.

The photo below shows the made in Texas the reel to reel.

The back of this console has a lot of air flow holes for ventilation.

The model number and date tag is still in place as well.