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The Official Vintage Curtis Mathes site by Glenn Waters

Curtis Mathes, Vintage Electronics, Televisions, Stereos, Radios, VCR”s, Camcorders, Mathes Coolers and Fans, Made in the USA. Design

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Famous People and the Curtis Mathes Company.

Few people knew that Honnor Blackman visited the plant back when she was filming Gold Finger. The company wanted her for a commercial but could not work out a financial agreement in time. She had just left "The Avengers" in 1963

Yes it is true Nelson Rockefeller did own 26 Curtis Mathes console televisions and stereos back in 1968. That is why the saying who do you think you are, Nelson Rockefeller got to used so much in the 1960's to folks that had more than one television in their home.

The photo above is Amy Grant back in 1985: In the year 1985 Amy Grant regularly rocked out in clips from her Age to Age concert video to promote Curtis Mathes big screen televisions.

Photo above is of DIANA RIGG. Diana did one commercial for Curtis Mathes in 1967 in a New York Curtis Mathes Showroom for the pre-Christmas sells.

JUNE HAVER did four TV and Radio commercials for Curtis Mathes stereos and televisions in 1961.

The Traveling Salesmen Band did some shows for the Curtis Mathes Company around the mid 1960's: From left to right is Papa (bass), Rick Carnrick (drums), Tim Atcheson (lead singer and rhythm guitar), John Scarbrough (keyboard) and Mike Atcheson (lead guitar).

Dan Atcheson and his band "The Velveteen's Combo" did a lot of the parties for the Curtis Mathes Company in the early 1960s

DONALD CURTIS signing a contract to do the first commercials for Curtis Mathes stereos and televisions on radio and television.

For the fiscal year ended June 30, 1996… and Donny

Osmond Entertainment. Thing got really complicated after the bankruptcy…

Curtis Mathes Holding Corporation, formerly Enhanced Electronics

Corporation, and subsidiaries (the "Company") is engaged in the

manufacture and distribution of consumer electronics products relating

specifically to the home entertainment industry.

The Company was incorporated in Texas on July 13, 1984 as Donny

Osmond Entertainment Corporation and operated in several facets of the entertainment industry until 1988. The Company filed an S-18

registration statement in November of 1984 and completed the registered offering in January 1985.

The Company acquired Curtis Mathes Corporation (CM) in November,

1993 and on November 8, 1993 the Company's stock was first listed on the NASDAQ Small Cap Market (symbol CRTM). CM became the flagship business of the Company and, to reflect its commitment, the Company changed its name to Curtis Mathes Holding Corporation in May, 1994. CM continues to operate as one of the Company's primary subsidiaries, providing the traditional consumer electronics products which have become so well known over the years for their quality and reliability.