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The Official Vintage Curtis Mathes site by Glenn Waters

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Curtis Mathes tube amplifiers are known for the best in quality high-end equipment made in the USA in Texas by folks who really cared about the product they were making.

Curtis Mathes tube amplifier from a console (possibly 1950’s or early 60’s but there is no ID Number therefore more research is needed). The American manufacturer Curtis Mathes was known for quality high-end equipment and this amp will not disappoint anyone who loves rich sound. This amplifier was checked on a Tube Tech thoroughly and this amp has been installed a power cord plus RCA connectors. Speaker outputs are also identified. As is, amp is in a “Plug and Play” condition!

Amp was gently brought up to full power on a Variac. Satellite Radio and CD player were used to verify operations. Output was undistorted, clear and enjoyable as only tubes can produce.

I always liked the 6BQ5 console amp sound and was not disappointed with this one. Since Volume is externally controlled, a preamp with Volume Control is recommended (required for phono input).

Chassis is rust free, very clean, and can be easily polished by the new owner. Very simple but efficient circuit (unmodified). This amp can easily customize by installing upgraded RCA connectors, inline fuse holder, pilot light, speakers connections, etc. Work to identify connections was done for you by my Tech (you can run all connections from bottom of chassis).

Please note the robust power transformer and heat sinks/radiators. This transformer powered the console’s receiver and preamp. Now it powers only the amp therefore runs cool with power reserve.

 These Curtis Mathes tube amplifiers are getting harder and harder to find these days.


1 5U4GB Rectifier tube (Sylvania, USA)

1 12AX7 tube (USA)

2 6BQ5 Sylvania tubes (USA) – one channel

2 6BQ5 European- made tubes – 2nd channel

Condition of graphics does not permit full identification of European tubes but both are identified with “cross” seams on top.

All tubes are old stock and came with this amp when pulled from console (radio and preamp were not “rescue-able”).

Below are more photos of a rare and unusual "Curtis Mathes" tube amplifier. This amplifier came out of a GIGANTIC console stereo system with 6 speakers.

Curtis Mathes was a very interesting company, and produced some phenomenal and beautiful high-quality HiFi and television sets. They used to advertise that their television sets were “The most expensive television sets in America, and darn-well worth it”!

They were truly a real American success story for many years. Tube-type amplifiers made by Curtis Mathes seldom show up since they did not mass produce their electronic products in the large amounts made by the major producers of electronics at that time (for example, RCA, Zenith, etc.) Thus, Curtis Mathes amplifiers are quite rare.